What role do we play in turning Chaos into conscious Action? Now I LOVE QUESTIONS, so please-- if something pops in your head jot it down and drop it in the comments... When we are in Action we feel like we have control! That feeling of control comes from the action of making our choices. If we are operating from fear we are operating from an a need to defend. The lack of Self trust creates a world filled with doubt. We have to move into Action around that, and start by taking personal responsibility and pride in playing this game. Right? Now, the kicker is we didn’t get the instructions on how to play. We didn’t get the information on how to operate this amazing system we find ourSelves in right now. When we are interacting with what we call that- the energy out there we call God, Creator, or Universe clarity is a top priority. I truly believe there are Universal Laws that just cannot be disproven. As above, so below. It requires a huge level of personal responsibility, on all five levels of our being: Energetically, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally, and Spiritually. We have been dealing with the effects of suffering and trauma in one aspect of our being at a time. I don’t know how often I hear: I’m on my spiritual path. Or… is that spiritual? To turn chaos into Conscious Action; this is what I want to want us to drink in. Unless all five of these aspects of your being are in integrity, working in one direction is not real. I call this the Baby Buddha stage. We learn how to interact with life in a different way. One of the most beautiful things I can observe as my clients move into wholeness is Action. Life starts becoming active, right? People that are struggling to have a place to live are moving into homes. They get jobs. Life is shifting and changing before them because their choices are different.

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-05 01:13:19 UTC