How many of you are tangled up in your story? You know for me, prior to therapy, I really had no story. I remember in the beginning I had to work to come up with the words necessary to even describe the environment I grew up in. The more words I used to describe it the more solid it became. And here’s the real catch! The more solid it became the fewer words I had around my dreams of the future. The fewer words I had around the good moments of my past. The fewer words I had around what I wanted what I liked. Until the bad, the pain was all that I could see. It was the only words I had. Where our attention goes energy follows. That’s suffering. And in the words of my admired mentor, Deepak Chopra pain happens but suffering is a choice. Wow right? Pain happens, but suffering is a choice. Suffering comes not from the pain but from the clinging. And secondly, Our pinhole version is often left with holes. Which our brain fills with emotion-based information. So, is this information Truth?… not necessarily. When we are looking through fear. Our story balances precariously on the edge of truth. So here’s the thing… If you don’t know What you would like the story of your future to look like you'er going to get a whole lot more of the same. So take the time to create some language around life… Get out your journal and make a list of all of the things you want all of the things you would like to see. Who do you want to be? And here’s the cool thing... You get to decide! 😎🌻

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-07 01:40:45 UTC