In our world of chaos and dysfunction we are constantly being bombarded with talk of the need for boundaries… the need to create walls, big and small. We must protect ourselves. We have to keep the toxic people out of our lives or build rules around our interactions with them. I’d like to put a slightly different bent on the boundary conversation. If we are creating walls to keep people out… these same walls are keeping you trapped inside. Take the castle and the mote. How lonely the castle becomes. Once the bridge is lowered to let yourself out, the castle is left vulnerable. The two sides are then connected. What change has happened? Which one is truth? Probably neither is 100% accurate. ... Boundaries??? More like Bound-Are-WE! If you are building walls to keep people out you are in turn building a structure that keeps you stationary. You are adding solidity to your story. Your personal and spiritual growth has been ground to a halt. Now, I want to be clear. By NO means am I insinuating that we need to be besties with all people. What if instead we adopt the idea that in your evolutionary process you have evolved to a different round and will be attracting different people? Back to the idea of the integrity of your vessel. Fear is a very sticky place. When fear shows-- it takes over, fast. The negative words begin to swirl around until in before we know it, we are immersed in a story filled with chaos. Emotion has taken over. Story is illusion. Emotion is not truth. Love may be boundless, but relationships have conditions. They are contracts around acceptability. Some we actually even have written out when it comes to the mingling of property. Let us make our choices consciously… Each thought honed to push us into wholeness. Here there is no need of walls. No need for blame. Just time for new and different choices. 🙏✨

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-07 01:47:52 UTC