Sexual trauma is one of the largest cancers of our society today, one of the largest contributors, and least talked about population of people suffering with PTSD: Women and children. In no other crime is one’s body invaded as in sexual violation. And yet it is one of the most minimized crimes on the planet. If your home were invaded… If someone was rummaging through your intimate possessions. Most of us would struggle to feel safe and comfortable. When someone invades your body? There is no getting away. We drag that crime scene with us wherever we go. The Psyche of a child develops in 7-year increments. The first 7 giving us the default lens through which we see the world. The next 7 prepare us for puberty. The natural entrance into the world of sexual awakening and desire. Much like the trunk of a tree being able to withstand a windstorm without splitting while a bush gets blown all over the place. When a child is introduced to sex at the age of 3, or 5… They have no words to describe what is happening. They are dealing with a fracture or discrepancy between what their bodies are feeling and what their mind is knowing. They are having to get up and quite possibly have breakfast with the same daddy that the night before is getting his jollies touching her sacredness. Cycles are perpetuated. Integrity… inner strength is compromised on all levels. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Behaviorally and Spiritually. PTSD is contagious, and sexual abuse travels through generations. Unless we choose to stop it. It’s their body! It is YOUR body! Today you get to choose! PTSD is not a life sentence! You’re not ill. You’re NOT crazy. There is relief for those who are waking up to their trauma. Book a complimentary Freedom Call with me today if you would like to further explore the relief THAT IS POSSIBLE: . . . #dissociation #turnillnessintobrilliance #adultchildabuse #cptsdcounseling #cptsdsurvivor #therapistscptsd #healingcptsd #alternativehealingcptsd #healingtrauma #youarenotalone #todayichoose #choices #choose #intention #cptsdrelief #rapidreliefcptsd #cptsdsuperhero #counselorscptsd

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-09 00:33:56 UTC