What is Justice? This concept, in many different forms, has been rolling around my mind for many years as I was rising out of the suffering, anger, angst, pain, and confusion of my childhood traumas. As I got older and spoke about my experiences, and I put more words around them, I began to understand there are many levels to the meaning of justice. And I think our world has really settled into the most primal space where justice is punishment. I don't believe that to be efficient. I don't believe that to be what was intended. The symbol for justice is the scales. And what do we want from a scale, but balance? Justice is balance. Justice starts right here with personal responsibility. Being aware that any time that we're pointing a finger of blame, we are denying the personal responsibility of making or not making our choices. Many of us have dealt with the lopsided sense of loyalty and justice of the familial support of abusers while shutting out the victims . We have got to find a place of justice or balance, right? Down to the most primal Who do I trust? Where do I put my allegiance? I call this place a space of right-mindedness. I like to think of the movie the Hunger Games. Games are about you progressing from start to finish. Games come with choices to make and circumstances to get though. While helping people along the way is important and intended you are still playing the game. The object is to be in the world and not of it. Being able to stay right minded Solution based and not lulled or affected in anyway by the chaos or the destructive nature of what is happening out there. How amazing would that be to be in the world and not of it? Justice begins with you. A spiritual being choosing to be human is different than a human having a spiritual experience. . . . #healingtrauma #todayichoose #choices #intention #dissociation #cptsdsurvivor #alternativehealingcptsd #therapistscptsd #cptsdcounseling #youarenotalone #rapidreliefcptsd #healingcptsd #cptsdsuperhero #adultchildabuse #cptsdrelief #turnillnessintobrilliance #counselorscptsd #ptsd #traumacoach #justice #sexualabuse #survivor #abusesurvivor #traumasurvivor #victimadvocate

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-11 02:55:13 UTC