Are you feeling like no matter which way you turn doors are closing? Are you in quicksand up to your knees? Yes? Then listen up! Energetically, feeling "stuck" is the infamous lukewarm that we grew up hearing about. Stuck in a deep inner choice not to choose… or a choice to not make a different choice. I think most of us can identify with at least hitting pockets in our lives where everywhere we turned doors were closing. Or we are going about things our same old way and ruminating on how stuck we feel. Our lives feel stagnant. There is no flow. Well, the funny thing is, the idea of living in a calm pond sounds nice on one hand. Our lives today are nothing but constant movement. If we are not doing, we feel we have no worth. So, the idea of climbing on a raft in the still waters of the pond has appeal… Until you are there for a second. Then the anxiety sets in. Here is the deal: The pond is of your making. A placid pond can be made of your muck. So, this inner not-choosing just really has us sitting outside of the game for a spell. Nothing grows. Nothing moves. It brings you to the land of unknowns between spirituality and depression. Your yuck… Well, it’s still there. Sameness. And what we have to admit to ourselves is that the known horrors of our sameness are less scary than the sunshine on the other side. It’s fear of the unknown. The sunshine on the other side requires choice. You have to choose it. You have to take action to get there. You get to choose! Move into this time of change boldly. Spring. A new beginning. Easter, New Life... It is important to look inward. Remove those ink spots. Understand why you think what you think. Why you believe what you believe. Big and small. . . . #rapidreliefcptsd #healingtrauma #domesticabuse #domesticviolence #alternativehealingcptsd #todayichoose #choices #choose #intention #therapistscptsd #cptsdcounseling #cptsdrelief #healingcptsd #cptsdsuperhero #survivor #sexualassaultsurvivor #sexualtraumasurvivor #adultsurvivor #childhoodabusesurvivor #abusesurvivor #rapesurvivor #incest #incestsurvivor #incesttrauma #youarenotalone #dissociation #turnillnessintobrilliance #cptsdsurvivor #adultchildabuse #cptsd

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-15 22:16:53 UTC