started my journey several years ago. Recently had a lot of forced relocations disrupt the work I had done with my previous therapist. Lucky to have found an even better place and person to start up again with. Though, as it is a common re-occurrence in my life. Before i could get back into emotional stability. I had to submit letter of reasonable accommodation. I held my FMLA card because i knew it was time i needed and had scheduled regression sessions with psychologist. Though, just based on experience, also saw the inevitable response from work being what it usually is. Exactly opposite of supportive and only instigating further unnecessary stress and anxiety. Why do they always do this?! This is only my second time having to even go this far but in both experiences now they react exactly opposite of anything they should be doing, legally, morally, ethically. In any sense of humanity, its all wrong in my opinion. . Anyone else experience this in corporate technology groups? Fortune 500 100 spaces and private org service providers. s. This time they got their lawyer involved much earlier than the first time. This time though, the lawyer is one of our own clients btw, who now i have to support and deal with as an Architect and who knows this is something i work with. That makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Suggestions? Thoughts/Opinions? Recommendations and/or referrals to a good lawyer for this? I was also denied PTO for my leave, even though we switched recently to unlimited PTO policy with 0 exceptions notated for FMLA, Paternity, etc. They also didnt pay us for our accruwed vacay, and it was a benefit we signed agrreements upon. Though this was discussed with HR and HR had said there will be no negotiations for pay outs or any reconciliation of any kind for the accrued vacation, I know there is a case here, I just can't afford the $340-450/hr these lawyers want to charge to even begin looking at this all while acting skeptical and not even approaching the case with the sensitivity for the individuals experiencing the things we are. Just another client in their mind. Also, apologies for the book. I do this.

Posted by dasurfmonster at 2022-05-11 03:55:51 UTC