What would you think the consequences would be to plunk a highly sensitive, empathic child down in an environment filled with sex, violence, yelling? Home is unpredictable and unstable. The highly sensitive child growing up in a sound home struggles with this noisy, flashy, callous, high octane, angry world. They often: Feel overwhelmed by lights, sounds, and smells. Ask a lot of questions looking for clarity between thought and word Awareness of changes to their environment and shift in energies of those around them Feel impacted by other people’s emotions. They are very intuitive and perceptive and can read what is behind the words Have high empathy for others. Sensitivity to pain. Theirs and the pain of others. This child is a budding empath. A budding shaman. This child is a savant of the ethereal realms.. Being an empath is the highest of evolution. This being has the capacity to completely know you from the inside out in an instant. An empath is a highly sensitive child/adult who has the innate ability to viscerally walk in another man’s shoes, see through another man’s eyes, to think another man’s thoughts, to feel another person’s physical pain… AND their fears… And feelings. What if instead of being groomed to utilize their advanced perceptions to help others, they find themSelves in an environment where their senses are being barraged with stimuli. Flying arms. What is said and what is happening are often two very different things. Their high level of perception is being manipulated and called into question. Doubt begins to creep in and contaminate their interpretation of Self and their interpretation of reality. It seems reasonable to say that instead, these advanced skills and perceptions are funneled into staying alive by maneuvering what others lovingly call family. Can you imagine what it would feel like to truly walk in your abuser’s shoes at the same time as you are being abused? What a mind f**k to feel all that they feel PLUS what you feel to the depths of the highly sensitive, highly intuitive child with NO filters. The two mingle together either fueling or depleting resulting in the child imploding or they come out fighting, often dependent on their resilience that day. These children have been given no tools or strategies for creating distinctions between all the invasive, imploding thoughts and feelings. They never get the opportunity to rest. On the inside. They are completely aware that they are alone in this war and that no one sees… or sees and chooses to turn away in silence. Left on their own they operate like a sponge. All of the goo is absorbed and scotch taped together. We can’t tell the difference between your sadness or being sad. Your anger or being angry. Your thoughts or what I think. Your pain or my pain. How confusing is that… Let’s be real. Normal is nothing but average or below. You are NOT that. Above average requires a bit more care and attention. Now we must be clear that a child growing up in these extreme systemic circumstances is living an experience a grade further in degradation than that of a child living in a concentration camp. A child in a concentration camp is not in a situation where love and honor and respect are an expectation. The outside world is not seeing their life as the portrait of family and love. The child in an abusive home is looking at their torturer through the lens of love, longing and hate, all at the same time, while trying to manage to keep their happy childlike face on. And then we may have the confusion and complexity of their bodies being invaded. Not by a stranger, that it is simple and easy to be angry and dispassionate about but instead this invader is your mommy or daddy. He is telling this child that this is what love is. He tells her that he loves her the most. And she’s 3. Or 5. And then to compound all of this invasion of the person this child is highly sensitive or an empath. And struggling to make sense of the complexities that come. For example knowing with certainty that mom knows that dad is coming into her bedroom. And knowing that for some reason mom is mad at her about that. For some reason the blame is aimed at her. She is the other woman… At 5. We are all beginning to understand how our start in the world affects everything that comes next in our lives. We are recognizing the potentially life long impact on every level of being an unstable unpredictable home life for a child. What would it be like if your predisposition to stimuli was different to start with? Could this highly evolved sensitivity possibly be the reason that some children end up with c-ptsd and others can get over it? #cptsd #highlysensitivechild #highlysensitive #turnillnessintobrilliance #cptsdrecovery #quantumthereapeutix #healingcptsd #empath #highlevelperception

Posted by Cherie at 2022-05-18 19:54:38 UTC