As a new member would like to introduce myself! My name is Courtney and although I am a Texan by blood, I live in Colorado. Good day to everyone! I am so excited to officially start today. The thought of waking up to a life full of potential that I am ready to take, is exhilarating. ----(as today I am currently not even out of bed.) I cannot wait to learn and soak up all the knowledge I can to help me and anyone else that is crippled by fear and anxiety, panic, the loss of time, and the feeling that you truly just might be a crazy person. I cannot wait to learn what being an empath can truly mean in my life besides making sure I am grounded and letting go. I am so excited to be surrounded by a community that already speaks in my language and is learning and growing together. Honestly, I have social media and never type in forums or my pages and pretty much just say happy birthday hahah. But this seems different, This feels different. It feels real. So maybe my goal should be to start sharing my 'realness' with others and to try to post on a bit of regular basis. I am a musician with an album coming out and there is not a picture or a song on the internet regarding it, because I am so fearful of criticism, failure, and the general perceptions or misinterpretations from a message on a picture. I can't wait to see the progress in my life once I start reprogramming by brain and perceive my fear as an exciting opportunity.

Posted by Courtney at 2022-05-30 20:42:56 UTC