Who am I? And... Why am I here now? Let’s take a look at these age old questions… Who am I? And Why am I here?… in a new and different way!. In our lack of responsibility collectively, we have been huddling in fear under a collective slavery. We forgot who we are! We have been shying away from taking our place and finding permission to release our belief in what we have been told. Who am I? Anything I can do you can do and more… You are a Spiritual… Magical being who has chosen to walk this earth as a human. To bring all that is possible down to this earth. To be in the world and not of it. Not to rise away and float aimlessly caught in the many fears of what is claimed as Spirit. Spirit is simple. Spirit is childlike. Fear is fear. No mater what level of existence it seeps in. Universal law rings true. It knows no time… no space. Our religions have made light of our charge… Anything I can do you can do and more… You can move mountains. Instead of Gods walking the earth we have been lulled into unconscious slavery. For you to become what you are intended you have to first understand what is possible, what we have had glimpses of, and how this amazing spaceship of a system operates. And what you are ultimately capable of. As above so below. So what ever is here is a replica of what extends out and vise versa. We as humans have been trying to replicate what is natural through millenia. What am I? The computer works hard to replicate the way the human system operates. And now they are getting close to replicating human likeness on many levels. You are gifted in your humanness with the most amazing operating system. You have come here with everything you need. We just forgot! As above so below! The sea of information that we call the internet is a small replica of what we call the creator… the Universe… God. A sea of amazing information. Could it be possible that this same sea of information houses all forms of information. Where you put your attention, energy flows into creation as search for answers to those primal questions. Who am I? And Why am I here? In many texts throughout time this energy has been compared to water. What is the base component for all that is here? Water in its amazing ambivalence can nourish and support life and it can take it away. In reference to our purpose with the concept of the computer, I like to think of electricity it can bring light or it can catch fire to all you love. The results are in how you choose to interact with it and with what level of respect. Back to the internet. We can be enriched by the vast amount of information or we can find out in detail the best most efficient way to commit murder or violate children. It is all there. You are in control of what you choose to poke your nose in. It’s the same. If you are going to be in constant fear around demons, you will have them poking around. Your fascination of angels, you will be blessed with seeing them everywhere and feel grace and blessings with each sighting. If fairies make you smile you can make that your passion and you will find fairies. Cords and persecution. It’s the game taking the information that has the scales tipping heavy and creating a story. Fear is present. It is all you! And what you give your attention. The game… The matrix can take one fearful story and make it your world in 2.2. It requires vigilance over your mind… Depersonalize yourself from the game. If blame, Guilt or fear… In any of their many forms are present you are being played. Clarity is of the essence. Just like google if you put in a sloppy question you are going to get a mess of results that have little to do with what you really want or need. Here’s the catch. You could take one of those sloppy responses as your truth. That information could become your rules for life. Are they true? Not necessarily. Are you treating it as though it were true? Yes! Are those very different things? Yes. Why am I here? To be in the world and not of it. To pull the light of justice and balance… of true love to the planet. To obliterate suffering. This truth is the essence of our goal. You chose to come here. For this. To help in the shift that is imperative for our world to survive. A shift from upside down to right-mindedness. You came here as a spiritual being to be human in all of its glory. We have suffered greatly living quietly in this upside-down world. But you are here today on purpose with a purpose. This is the moment we have been waiting for. There is access… NOW! These simple exercises are the first steps in understanding what you are capable of, what you are already doing and how to move from reaction into choice. See you on the other side of the eye of the needle!

Posted by Cherie at 2022-07-14 16:14:34 UTC