How do I learn to stay in my body? And I think firstly, we have to look at what does that even mean to be in this body. And what is dissociation? To learn how to be in our body we must first recognize that dissociation is an out of body experience. Dissociation is the separation of our astral body from our physical body. Astral projection is the act of projecting our astral body forward or back to another space or another time. It is only possible for one to have an out of body experience by dissociating. Dissociation is when that ability becomes a reaction versus an action. When we can choose to project our astral at will… That’s a powerful skill. When we are doing it habitually in reaction to discomfort then we feel like it’s happening to us and we’re not in control of it. It’s not happening to you. You’re doing it. It’s just, you’re doing it unconsciously versus consciously. Today… But it was a choice the first time Is being able to astral travel or quantum jump at will a superpower? Yes. To create with a thought and out of body experience. Brilliant Out in the world an out of body experience that usually requires a near death or a horrible car accident, or, operation. Something horrible enough to make them want to withdraw to that degree. As a child we were bumping up against things that we had nowhere to go, in our psyche, in our brain, in our programming, in our physical-ness to analyze and understand. So, we got out and with time it became normal to be out. We have no memory of it being different. We have to understand that if you’re not in here, you’re not really feeling much. I mean, if you are, it’s kind of second hand, so it’s watered down. Hence the need to cut or cause pain, or starve ourselves, just in the hopes that we might feel something. When we’re dissociated, when we’re out of our body, our life force, our astral body is watching our body try to live or exist. We feel empty, separate and alone. We feel like we can’t breath… Like we’re underwater. These are all signs that you are out of your body. We feel separate because we truly are! I had this psychiatrist. One of the few that I felt like I jived with, looked at me and he said, Cherie, I don’t know how to help you any further. What I can say is you’re not in there. And I’m like, what do you mean? I’m not in there? He said, you’re not in there and I don’t know how to help you get in there. And I’m like, well, if I’m not in here, where am I? He said, I don’t know. That started my journey to find the answers to the questions … Where am I? How do I learn to stay in my body? So I got very interested in astral travel and what that was when I was studying with Mr. Chopra. He was like trying to teach me and it seemed from my analytic mind, something really hard to do right. Until the day I did it very naturally out of the blue. And I was conscious enough to know that was the action that happened when I was triggered or having a flashback. I wasn’t coming back. I came back to the room, but not here. In my body. So I’m sitting in this astral travel class and the woman brings us home and shows us how to realign our astral and physical bodies. I was like, are you kidding me right now? I actually feel full. Normally I felt hollow. With that fullness came warmth. I was looking out of my eyes. Everything looked very crisp and very bright. And there was a balance in me that I didn’t even know was a thing. To get a handle on this is an exercise folks. It’s not a onetime gig because you’re in and out. It’s an unconscious reaction your are bringing to the light. It becomes a level of consciousness, acknowledging when you’re coming in and out and being aware enough to bring yourself back in. You see with astral travel it’s advised for you to do that with a partner because it’s easy to get lost out in the ethers. I’m excited to share with you how to learn to stay in your body. I’d like for you to get in a comfortable spot, it’s only going to take, you know, a couple of minutes. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your perspective of the room. Can you see yourSelf sitting in the room? Do you see yourSelf from the back or from the front… Can you see the top of your head? Just make these a little mental note. Bring your awareness to the ceiling above the top of your head. Next drop down through the crown of your head and rest in your Corpus Callosum, Corpus Callosum is the control room of your brain. Just like that little bubble in a level, I want you to find balance there. Perfect. Draw that energy that resides behind your eyes back into the Corpus Callosum as well. Watch that circuit connect between your left brain, right brain, third eye and the Corpus Callosum. Now we’re going to drop down into your chest. We’re going to fill up your chest an we are going to see all of those brain cells in your heart, light up. We’re going to fill up your arms and your fingers. Now we’re going to drop down and we’re going to fill up your belly. And we’re going to watch all those brain cells in your gut. Fill up your thighs, your calves, all the way to the bottoms of your feet. Bring your awareness to the big toe of your right foot. And I’d like for you to try to find your pulse there. If not, again, this is an exercise. Bring your energy on down into those toes. If you’re experiencing tingling that counts, especially for the first time… Smile. Next we’re going to bring our awareness over to the big toe of your left foot. And we’re going to locate your pulse there. Your feet feel even. Your brain feels even. Welcome home. Now I know that you want to learn how to be in your body. Remember this is an exercise! You can open your eyes when you feel comfortable. All right, you guys enjoy that. Enjoy that presence. That’s being completely present in this moment as you are today… Right here… Right now

Posted by Cherie at 2022-07-18 19:35:39 UTC