The Journey From Victim To Survivor To A-Lifer Our words are the brick and mortar of our suffering. Our story the structure with which we live. To create change, we have to change what we say and the way we think. We must refine our words to fit what we desire to experience. First and foremost, the universe does not understand negatives… Contraction. Be diligent about catching yourself and turning the sentence into something that is a forward motion, action-oriented sentence. Creation moves forward. Deconstructing our stories, the words that structure what and how we experience things… religion, politics, poverty, what family should look like… what Christmas should look like. Should… Should… Should! Is often not as pretty as we would like to think enlightenment should be. Everything must disintegrate and from the ash, something new is born. The image.. we are crashing forward… walls tumbling… words falling. In awakening from the illusion of our stories, we awaken to Spirit. The struggle that comes from hiding from our truth creates separation from our Maker. We were not meant to struggle. Now to be sure, we are here to experience and our experiences create learning. The struggle comes in trying to skirt around the edges of experience… hiding from the truth. You know? …all of the red flags that pop up around us that we choose to ignore. We pretend that we don’t see or we feign confusion. Emotion in the west is worn as a badge of honor. We speak from our feelings, yet we rarely allow ourselves to really feel them. We walk through life bogged down with luggage, backpacks, duffle bags, all chock full of landmines. You don’t really know where they are and consequently, neither does anyone else. We are loaded with ammo of old hurts and pushed down, a stuffed emotion that never got expressed. In Buddhism, non-attachment is taught. Non-attachment allows us to feel the emotions but not become trapped by them. This is often described as detachment. Not my favorite word. Detachment is non-responsive and removed from emotion. I feel so many of us live in such a detached state emotionally and spiritually that the word is somewhat repulsive. But what about the thought of diffusing the old stagnant energies so that we can show up and be present for what is occurring right now? Our past patterns of bringing the kitchen sink into the conversation fall away. The goal: a life lived mindfully and played with strategy. So as we are rising, it is important to identify where we are standing right now, today, without judgment. No matter what the struggle, we move through similar thought processes. When someone… be it childhood stuff, the death of a loved one, cancer, domestic violence, divorce, cheating… feels victimized, we struggle with the “whys”. We struggle with the blip in our story. We struggle. When we struggle, we want to tell everyone we know. We know each word by heart. We can reiterate the stories almost verbatim. When we are standing in victimhood, each sentence begins with “I” and ends in “me”…. the middle… “he/she/they did something”. Victimhood is the flip side of narcissism. I know… I know… it doesn’t feel that way when you are in it. But think about it. Think about how much energy is spent on thoughts and words centered around self. Be it we are telling everyone we meet about our aches and pains, or about how misunderstood we are. No one understands… Our stories are not truth! Healthy people can live like sick people. Rich people can live in poverty. Peoples whose lives are seemingly perfect can’t even see it and they struggle.’ Our first awakening comes with glimpses around how we are being received. We start becoming aware of the impact our words have on those around us. Through the experiments by Masaru Emoto, we gained insight as to the impact our words have on water molecules. In his experiments, he infused the water with words ranging from hate to love and proved that water is altered in a huge way by the quality of our words. The molecules went from cancer-esque to snowflake beautiful. If words impact water sitting in a glass to this degree, just think what we can do with live water. Our plants, our animals, people… us. Our bodies are what 78% water? We know that plants flourish when spoken to kindly. Wouldn’t the impact on humans be magnified exponentially? Survivor… to function in spite of. Humm… not exactly a state to be striving for as our endpoint, yet this is where many of us are left by the traditional system. We get up and go to work every day. We go to our kid’s events. We function. Functioning is not living! Often it is here that the anger starts to bubble. We wonder, “how anyone could have done something like this to us? How did this happen to me? Why would he want to hurt me?” We want justice… at all costs. We suffer. It is never enough. Revenge doesn’t take away the slow burn. Instead, it prolongs the intensity… So we get angry for everyone who suffers or has suffered our pain. We turn the questions of right or wrong, good and bad, black and white, over and over in our heads. We struggle to make our pain mean something. We grapple with the desire to put this energy into action for others. We begin to speak out. We tell everyone we know. Just like victimhood, but from a different level of consciousness. We want to change the world. We are warriors on the outside while we struggle on the inside. Our new thoughts haven’t yet shifted our inner workings. Those old feelings resurface without warning derailing us, often at the most inopportune times. Our words are not in alignment with our thoughts and our actions. Gandhi says that happiness comes when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in harmony. Otherwise, it is like three people living in one body. Our saying, doing and thinking goes in three different directions… Which version of yourself will show up today? If you don’t know, then how can we expect anyone else to know? Integration… Integrity. We begin to understand that the way we show up changes everything. It’s not about them at all. They are only reflecting back what we feel on the inside. Destination… a mindful life. Call it healing. Call it awakening. Call it enlightenment. Here we are… it doesn’t matter what label you use. We stand presently… right here! Right now! The emotions we bring to the table are diffused and in alignment with the situation. We are in complete understanding that everything we interact with is an aspect of ourselves. So the only action to take is to go within. Examine: Who we are? Why are we here? Who do we serve? We yell at the Universe… I am here! I am here! I am here!

Posted by Cherie at 2022-07-23 15:00:14 UTC