Hi everyone, wanted to share some breakthroughs and insights! I’ve been working with Shirley Jones for two months through Quantum Therapeutix and last week I had a breakthrough, with my energy field. For decades, I’ve suffered from post-traumatic stress. I also have had multiple chronic health illnesses, chemical sensitivities, environmental illness, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. I also had a cancer scare in my early 30s. All of this put my life in a holding pattern, as I wanted to become a coach and help others in my early 30's. I turned 50 last year and went after this dream of taking my Transformational Life Coaching certification. As a child, I felt that I wasn’t there. I didn’t exist, I absolutely wore the cloak of invisibility! I really didn’t feel like I existed, that I could disappear and what I am now understanding is that this is dissociation. That being able to disappear in that moment, that you dissociate from the moments you are in. My sensitivity and empathy I grew up to think it was a weakness, after decades of working on myself I have come to realize its my super power! I have become more aware of my energy field in these last two months. I’ve always felt so constricted like I couldn’t breathe. I suffered psychological abuse from my ex-husband, I couldn’t breathe, it was like the room was closing in suffocating me. I would hold myself in, tucked in, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t use my voice, after 6 years, I got up one morning and left with no note and no plan. Last week after decades of just not being able to expand my energy and just feeling completely constrictive tight like I couldn’t breathe, I can’t get my breath. I was having the hardest time trying to get my energy field expanded out to six feet during these sessions and while doing the Quantum Therapeutix exercises. In our session last week, I was able to finally expand my energy out past the three feet mark after two months and finally feel expansive in my body and see my full energy field. I woke up the next day with so much energy, more creativity, and a feeling that my chest had opened. Where before my chest felt so tight and painful so that’s something that has really changed. I’ve had to go back in time to many different occasions and moments in time and rescue myself as a child and at other times in my life out of places and situations and integrate them into myself as an adult, today which has been a completely unique experience that has been helpful. We do not realize how many moments in time we may be trapped in frozen in time and we keep repeating those memories over and over in our minds and in the patterns in our life. I feel more confident in myself, stronger, and have more energy, and creativity and my heart has opened which has been quite a tremendous shift! I have been into personal development for thirty years and have gone through so many healing modalities, and therapy. You name it I have done it. Quantum Therapeutix is unique as it integrates all the fragments that have been left in all these places, and spaces that you were in and integrates them within yourself in the current day. It is a remarkably interesting and important healing work. I would highly recommend going through Quantum Therapeutix for anyone who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Trauma, for anyone who feels that they are unable to get past events in their life and causing them the inability to move forward. If anyone wants to talk about my experiences, please message me or leave a comment pm me. Or reach out to Shirley Jones. Shirley has a kind and compassionate heart and is committed to the clients she works with, she has gone through her own healing and feel I can tell her anything, there is no shame, there is no judgement. She listens and is supportive and walks you through this healing work gently. She has been there for me and has celebrated my wins! I am grateful our paths have crossed and to be doing this healing work! It will help me help others in the work I do in the world as a Transformational Life Coach as I achieved my 20 year dream!❤️

Posted by Jenn at 2023-04-07 14:04:56 UTC