Quantum entanglement has taken me on the most profound and wonderful experience, whereas life previously felt dull and lackluster, I have now been guided towards the light and empowerment!! I awakened almost 6 months ago now and this is the journey I've been waiting my whole life for!! I use cPTSD to expand my world now rather than to limit and define me which happened in the past. I am full of smiles always and I love the newfound Light that shines all around. It took me 28 years to finally be at a spot I considered to be 'happy', and now only a few months away from turning 30, I am stoked to say I haven't just found happiness, I have found the love and joy we are all entitled to through our lives. What an amazing journey!!! It has all paid off and I am super excited to see where life takes me!

Posted by malcolmaleisha at 2024-05-01 04:37:03 UTC