I really want to spend some energy around mental illness and what in many other cultures is defined as your Brilliance… Spiritual giftedness… Psychic abilities… Out of Body experiences… The distinction? Fear! Our culture focuses on the average and within that average we define a societal “NORMAL”.Extra Ordinary and Brilliance struggle to survive in the land of normal. Normal is nothing but average or below. Normal weeds out all outside or on the fringes of the spectrum and defines them as abnormal. What is the difference between abnormal and extra ordinary? The lens we or those around us use to interpret the experience. Fear or Possibility? Every human on this planet is having an inward journey. We are trying to understand what and where we are and how we got here. Unknowingly we tote our history along with us. This history creates a lens… a story… a set of words that fall in around each experience. Unfortunately, this process allows us to conveniently color our godly experiences with the words that create monsters. The shift is wanting success and growth in this life. That is not normal. The shift is allowing yourSelf to release the ideas of normal and average and strive for excellence.In what other game do we strive for average or below? Now back to these Mental illness labels… What I see in my work with others is that their interpretation of an experience is the indicator. I often have folks sharing their experiences and within that process we turn the dream into a prophetic message that indicates what they are accomplishing or fears that they are overcoming. Like the little girl that dreamt that she was being chased by monsters and she was able to get to a car and drive away. She was terrified… But what if the monsters were symbolic of her fears and the car symbolizes her active participation in moving away from the monsters and into safety. In every tradition, these gifts, if honored and understood outside of fear can be life changers. In other cultures, these abilities are seen as the higher-level beings. The beings that others came to for guidance and wisdom. They are the shamans the medicine men… The healers and prophets. Those that brought prophetic messages to the world. What is the difference between these folks and you? You are a sponge! An Empath! An empath is a person who has all of the spiritual gifts rolled into one. Being an empath is the highest of all gifts.Living in survival turns every piece of information you are receiving and makes about you. That’s truly a problem. You can’t be a channel and take every piece of information that comes through you personally, right? Prophets don’t take the information they’re receiving personally. Nostradamus didn’t take his vision of the falling twin towers and make that fit in direct response to his current reality. Nostradamus’s prophetic message could have easily be interpreted as opposing phallic symbols and the structures around his sexuality collapsing if he were to turn the information towards himSelf when in truth the message was far broader and more direct and intended as guidance for the collective.Spirit is Simple and Spirit is Childlike. And if it’s not, you know, somebody’s brains involved and in their humanness a story grows. When truth is being spoken through you, emotion is absent. There is no good information or bad information…. there’s information. So If you’re having a premonition or a dream sticks out that you know is important its important to open your mind to looking at that information in a new and different way. This amazing, beautiful woman reach out to me and she was completely tangled up in the details of a dream. This young woman has risen above so much, so much that my pride for her seeps out of every pore. This dream shows up coinciding with a totally new phase in her life. She had been on full disability and was embarking on reintegrating with the world in a new and different way. She got her dream job. Everything was lining up for a new phase of life to start. Right before she went back to work she had a dream that shook her up pretty good. It began with her walking into her class reunion and right in the center of everything she died by her own hand. And in her mind she was horrified. She was like, I don’t even see these people. I have no desires of ending my life. As we talked through it I introduced the possibility that you’re dying to the old story of who you are and how people from that old life perceived you? You are allowing that perception of illness that you and everyone else has had for you collapse… like the tower card in the tarot… And you are walking into this new healthy sustainable life. Could this dream be a warning to leave all of that there and not bring it with you to contaminate these new possibilities? Nobody has to know that you identified with being sick. Nobody has to know that you have been shouldering the burden of numerous mental illness labels. Labels come with morphic fields dialed into a frequency of energy that resonates with the suffering of all that walk with it. When a hit is strong enough to penetrate and explode through all levels of being … emotionally, physically, energetically, behaviorally, and spiritually… we fracture. Fractures can be mended and returned back to structural integrity… just like a car running into a pole. We clearly see the distinction between the damage of running into a pole head on and fender bender in relation to the integrity of the car. Repairing or reconstructing is an action. When you get your car out of the shop after hitting the hole there is a memory of hitting the pole but the car is reconstructed. The car is not coping and managing to operate. You don’t have to either. Spirit is simple. Spirit is childlike. Truth is steadfast and free from the tides of emotion. Truth just is. Spirit just is.

Posted by Cherie at 2022-03-13 15:00:58 UTC