I really want to address this idea that if we are doing our inner work that suddenly the people in our lives are going to behave differently as well. As if the perspective of everyone you are struggling with's perspective will change with the wave of a magic wand... The thought implies that in some way we are responsible for their actions while negating all personal responsibility on their part. When I was protesting the involvement of one of my sexual predators at family gatherings, I was asked… What about forgiveness? Well, what is real and true is that this idea of forgiveness has perpetuated poor behavior and abuse. It has given the perpetrators the upper hand. They are relieved of all responsibility here in the 3D world. If I could just change enough, they will choose to love me. Here’s what I know. Forgiving them does NOT save the children that walk in your footsteps. Most often there is a lot of resistance to the victims who rise into the light. If they wake up and start talking to others are forced to look in the mirror. And here’s the thing. What’s the old saying? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. So, for those of you that are battling the idea of forgiveness, please understand forgiveness is about you. True forgiveness is giving yourself permission to walk in another direction. With grace. We allow them the space to make their own choices with the acceptance that our voice, our courage in handing them back their responsibility may save the next human on the list from harm. The old type of forgiveness and the idea that they will change if you just work at it hard enough… It's ridiculous. Their change is their choice. You gracefully making choices that supports your integrity, your Self-awareness, your relationship with the highest and best of all that is… That’s why you’re here. The rest is just, well... insanity.

Posted by Cherie at 2022-03-14 19:15:54 UTC