How do I learn to stay in my body? And I think firstly, we have to look at what does that even mean to be in this body. What is dissociation? To learn how to be in our body we must first recognize that dissociation is an out of body experience. Dissociation is the separation of our astral body from our physical body. Astral projection is the act of projecting our astral body forward or back to another space or another time. It is only possible for one to have an out of body experience by dissociating. Dissociation is when that ability becomes a reaction versus an action. When we can choose to project our astral at will… That’s a powerful skill. When we are doing it habitually in reaction to discomfort then we feel like it’s happening to us and we’re not in control of it. It’s not happening to you. You’re doing it. It’s just, you’re doing it unconsciously versus consciously. Today… But it was a choice the first time Is being able to astral travel or quantum jump at will a superpower? Yes. Out in the world, an out of body experience, that usually requires a near death experience, or a horrible car accident, or operation. Something horrible enough to make them want to withdraw to that degree. As a child we were bumping up against things that we had nowhere to go, in our psyche, in our brain, in our programming, in our physical-ness to analyze and understand. So, we got out and with time it became normal to be out. We have no memory of it being different. When we’re dissociated, when we’re out of our body, our life force, our astral body is watching our body try to live or exist. We feel empty, separate and alone. We feel like we can’t breath… Like we’re underwater. These are all signs that you are out of your body. We feel separate because we truly are! You're not ill. You're a superhero. Book your 30 minute complimentary Freedom Call now if you haven't already at 💙

Posted by Cherie at 2022-03-18 17:39:06 UTC