Life is a game of Choices- and Today you get to choose! There are some NASA scientists that say that we have been playing a simulation much like a video game. It kind of reminds me of the movie much like the movie “The Matrix." The kicker is we forgot, and we became very personally entrenched in the character in the game. That’s the goal, right? To be in the world and not of it. Our world is not going to change until we understand how we’re impacting it. Where are we handing our choices over to others? How are we in resistance to what is in the highest and best for humanity and every living being on this planet, including the planet itself. You and I can change that. One choice at a time. We have to be very conscious of when we’re not making our choices, because no choice is often the biggest choice wherever we’re going to make. The Today I Choose audio series is three levels meant to take you through a progression on consciousness around taking back your choices. It takes seven minutes a day, and we work with one of these audios until there is no resistance in your body, then we move onto the next one. Let your body guide you. Visit our YouTube channel or the QT Public Library (under the drop-down menu here in the app) for more Today I Choose exercises. 😊💙 Let's play!

Posted by Cherie at 2022-03-27 02:00:58 UTC