We have been the bane of the inventors and the scientists… They’ve been trying to replicate us forever. We have robots… We have high tech computers that can almost think without us. We have cars that drive themselves. And the “we” that they are struggling to own and operate didn’t come with a guidebook. We didn’t come with instructions. That’s what I want to talk about today. I had an amazing healer say to me one time… Don’t ever go sky diving-- you will unravel. I instantly understood what she meant. I felt spread too thin all of the time. You know what I mean! So --get this-- Science says that the human brain is taking in 400 billion bits of information every second... Which means our auric field is gathering information… 400 billion bits of information. Our brain sifts through all of that for commonality… We all know we utilize very little of what the brain is capable of… 100 bits… That being said we are told that for every moment… every 4 seconds we are presented with 4 to 6 choices. 400 billion bits… 100 bits That is a huge disparity. So, what can we do but filter the information through old story lines to test for sameness? Sameness. And in that sameness habits form. Reaction replaces action and our responses can be pulled up and filter over any common circumstance. Hence we have: E-Motion. Could it be possible if all were running optimally that our E-Motions, or "emotions," could have been meant to be MOTION DETECTORS in that 400 billion bits of information... ? Emotion does not automatically equal truth. I absolutely love studying spiritual traditions, and something that always stuck with me was the directive to strive to detach from E-Motion.

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-01 01:12:25 UTC