When we think in opposition, most of us think of hate riding on the opposite side of the love coin. When in reality, if we are in the energy at hate, love is still present. Hate always shows up standing beside love. It takes a lot of energy to hate. FEAR on the other hand is the absence of love entirely. When we make choices from a fear based place, every thought winds up at our personal doorstep. We respond with the need to defend, dominate, control, or diminish ourselves or others…it’s steeped in fear. The story is concocted to hold our choices up as the only way to the truth. So many people don’t know how to handle fear… but fear is an illusion. While joy is a state, it rides with us always. No matter what the conditions. Emotion comes and goes. When fear is present joy and magic… well, they are not. I am going to share something with you that I heard a while back… Love, real love, is free of conditions. A mother can love her child deeply and feel disappointment at the same time. The love rides under the emotions that come and go as a parent. If we choose. Each time we tuck away an indiscretion, weighing it down with emotion, we step out of unconditional and into what the world labels as co-dependence. I prefer to say we step into the shadows of fear. Relationships come with conditions. Parent to child. Husband to wife. Boss to employee. A leader to their people... We choose relationships and accept behaviors based on what we have known “love” to look like. So here is the cool part… today, in this very moment, you get to choose. You get to choose what is acceptable to you. You get to choose what is in your best interest. Changing You Changes Everything! Having trouble turning your fear back into love? Book a free call with me to discuss the road to change today: https://bit.ly/3LFjrtn

Posted by Cherie at 2022-04-02 00:22:26 UTC